Edward A. Winslow is the Founder of My Speed Trainer (MST). Edward formed MST with some of the top speed, strength and conditioning trainers in South Florida. At MST, the focus is on coaching to develop the skills of speed, acceleration, deceleration, explosive power, strength and sports specific movements to increase athleticism for competition.

Edward has excelled in the speed, strength and conditioning field for nearly a decade. During that time he has used his education and experience helping professional, collegiate, amateur and high school athletes excel in their sport.

He received his B.S. in Exercise Physiology from Hofstra University, Long Island, NY, and completed his Masters in Science with a degree in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention from the California University of Pennsylvania.

While receiving his education at Hofstra, he was an Assistant Strength Coach for Hofstra athletics, designing and implementing programs for Football, Golf, X-Country and Volleyball.
Edward continued his career at Towson University, Baltimore MD as the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach heading the Baseball and Basketball Teams and assisting with all Towson’s 23 Division I Men and Women Teams, primarily Football, Lacrosse and Volleyball. He developed innovative programs that provided accurate documentation of strength, flexibility, conditioning, plyometrics, agility, speed, nutrition and exercise technique.

Edward joined Cris Carter’s FAST Program, Coral Springs FL in 2004 where he trained and developed programs for many top athletes including Super Bowl Champs, NFL Draft Picks, World Champions, and Olympic Medalists. Edward was also the Internship Coordinator at FAST, providing the opportunity for Exercise Science students to utilize their academics with practical experience. Upon completion of the Internship Program, trainers have gone on to work in the NFL, MLB, NHL, and NCAA.

Edward will continue his focus with MST on coaching to develop skills, providing athletes, coaches and trainers the highest standard in Sports Performance Enhancement

Edward winslow