Len Skubal

"Have helped me better myself and my athletic career!! Always keep me in check and in shape, I love it here"

Luis Acevedo

I am a Student athlete that has been training at MST for almost 1 year and a half now. Eddie and Nate have made the most sacrifices for me to become a way better athlete as far as proper technique when it comes to running and lifting. This improved my athletic ability to new heights and I am forever Grateful.

"The best in the business, great environment for all ages. Everything about MST is professional, everybody is loving and caring. If you’re trying to be a pro all the way to maybe staying in shape or losing weight, this is your place"


"I started training at MST in 2013. Eddie’s regimen changed my life and took me to where I wanted to be in my career. I made it to the major leagues in 2015 and a lot of that has to do with the training and nutrition that I learned from Eddie. At MST, Eddie pays attention to every detail in everyone of his athletes to make sure that everyone reaches their peak performance. If your looking to take your game or physical fitness to the next level, then MST is where you need to be."


"MST really helped me improve my speed, quickness, and agility. Helping me take my game to the next level. Giving me the opportunity to earn multiple scholarship offers. Eddie and Nate are very nice and knowledgeable. There is a nice atmosphere there and I appreciate the help they gave me."

"When I first began lifting I was unsure if I would enjoy it. Once beginning at MST I was able to learn the correct technique and do it in a fun environment. After my injury, MST has helped me regain my strength and keep a positive mindset to keep moving forward."

"Have been going to MST for almost 4 years now. Eddie and Nate create a great metric based program to help get bigger, faster and stronger; all based on your individual needs. MST was a huge factor in helping me advance my collegiate career to the next level. Top-tier trainers and top-tier workouts for those who strive to be top-tier athletes."

"I have found Eddie to be far superior over other gyms I have trained at. His training, his techniques, his commitment to excellence, and most importantly his results, are far superior to anything I’ve experienced. He’s committed to making me bigger, stronger, and faster from the day I started. My strength and speed increased significantly while my weight increased over 20 pounds whilst keeping my body fat and BMI in the exceptional range. Eddie has personally coached me with my diet and training that I will be doing once I leave for Cleveland. Eddie is more than my trainer he has also become a friend and someone I will always look up to. I would highly recommend Eddie and MST to anyone who is serious about training, wants results, and wants to be the best athlete they can be."


"My name is Cedric Wright. I played division 1 basketball at the University of San Fran and Morehead State but I will be doing my last year at MACU . This summer with coach Eddie and the rest of his staff was truly amazing. They give you the attention you need and really are great at explaining things to where you understand . I have been around a lot of great trainers at the division 1 level but in all honesty they do not even come close to coach Eddie and the rest of his staff when it comes to strength and conditioning . What coach Eddie and the rest of the staff are doing over at my speed trainer is truly amazing and I would advise everyone to work with My speed trainer !!"

Eddie and his staff at MST have helped prepare me for success as a Division 1 softball player. Since I began training here, I have seen a huge transformation in my speed, strength, and performance on the field, and it’s all thanks to Eddie’s personalized training regimen and dedication to his athletes. One unique aspect of MST is that the training staff takes the time to create personal connections and work closely with each athlete in order to create an enjoyable environment while ensuring proper lifting and running technique to help athletes reach peak performance and prevent injury. If you’re looking to excel at the next level, MST is the place that will get you there.

"MySpeedTrainer is really life changing. I’ve been going to Eddie for the last 4 years and I can assure you it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. Not only has my body transformed into something I’d never imagined but I gained a brother as well. The environment there is great and I 10/10 recommend MySpeedTrainer to anyone serious about changing their life."


Ashley Arinus

"Training at MST was a life changing experience. The trainers there taught me things normal athletes would never know about lifting, running, and nutrition. Such as simple techniques in your 40 start or even in your 225 max out test. This place had amazing equipment to fulfill an athlete’s goals of furthering their ability on the playing field whether it's football, baseball, or for girls’ volleyball. Their main goal is to get you as the athlete in the best shape to compete and out do other athletes on the court or field. Thanks for all the help guys!"

"As a health professional, I would encourage any and all types of athletes to make MST a part of their training regimen. I have been in the Health and Fitness industry for several years and I know first hand what an effective and professional program MST has to offer. I have increased my speed and vertical to help make me successful in beach volleyball, even as a 5’6” athlete. The intense training has put me at a high level of competition both mentally and physically. Their level of expertise is unparalleled, and will provide any level of athlete, from professional to amateur, the ability to become the best they can be."

"Great staff, great lifts, great program. Taught me how to lift properly using the proper technique, and weight measurements. Light days doesn’t mean the lift is easier means the measurements are lighter but the workload keeps pushing you forward. Every lift is an important one and you attack each one with the same intensity . This are all things learned in a matter of 3 months. Started at 164 lb and ended at 175 lb, with a real noticeable improvement in the baseball field. If you want to learn how to move properly, and become the best athlete you can be Myspeedtrainer is the way to go.     We breed speed!"

Logan Cashman

Mekiel Stewart

Jessica England

"I have been working with Eddie at MST during the off season for my entire major league career.  I have consistently made new gains in certain areas of sports performance that have given me the skill and power to make my overall game stronger than the previous year.  Looking back, the off-season training helped me to have a long-sustained career."

"When I started training, my goal was to gain strength and increase speed/quickness. Eddie and his staff at MST developed a training regimen designed around my personal goals.
MST has definitely prepared me for the intensity of SEC softball at the University of Florida."

"MST has been a crucial component to my athletic development. During my time here, I have not only been able to enhance my athletic ability (which allowed me to play college basketball for a successful program) but also learn how to properly fuel my body and develop healthy lifestyle habits I will carry forever. The environment and trainers at MST allows for athletes to work extremely hard but also have fun doing it. I highly recommend MST to anyone regardless of their fitness goals."





"My name is Gavin Conticello, and as of right now I am a junior in high school. I’ve been consistently working out at MST for about 3 years now and I’ve seen my on field performance go up to a new level. When I first started, I was about 125 lbs, benched 85 lbs, and did not know how to lift at all. I am now 188 lbs and have seen tremendous growth in the weight room and my overall performance on the baseball field. I’ve become stronger, faster, and more explosive and because of that, I earned myself a D1 scholarship at USF. If you want to become a great athlete and take your game to the next level, I highly recommend that you come to MST. They have the best trainers who design training programs specifically for your sport and what you need."

"I have been training at MST with Eddie for over 10 years, and have relied on his regime and expertise to improve my performance. Training at MST allowed me to play D-1 football in the ACC for 5 years at the top of my game. Eddie’s approach to peak performance is comprehensive and effective. The atmosphere at MST is one of a kind, as there are athletes of all ages training for the same purpose: competitive excellence. The results an athlete receives from training at MST can be seen immediately. I was amazed at how my body and abilties on the field transformed after going through just a few months of Eddie’s program. The community of athletes at MST is similar to a large support network, so coaching and motivation are definitely focuses among all the athletes. Despite all the age groups that train at once, everybody has always worked well together as a team. It’s simple, if you are willing to buy into Eddie’s regime and wish achieve peak performance, MST will maximize all you have and bring out the best version of yourself. I owe a lot to Eddie and the dedication he has invested in me."

"I play division one men’s basketball for Northeastern University and I came here while I was recovering from and injury and looking to add strength and speed. I learned techniques and gained over ten pounds in two months. I added strength and improved my max raps for numerous exercises. I also came away with my injury healed and had no problems with it because the exercises incorporated things to help my injury. The next summer I returned and wanted to add ten more pounds and more speed and explosion. They helped me accomplished all of those things. This place got my body ready for D1 collegiate athletics."

"When I first started MST 5 years ago, I was a 6’1 173 pound lefty throwing 86mph. I was a 17 year old kid who thought he had everything figured out. Eddy and I fought everyday and the whole time he was just trying to get the best out of me.... I went to college to play baseball and ended up having three surgeries 3 years in a row. This destroyed me. Sports was all I knew. I decided to quit because I didn’t have the right mentality, and the dream of playing healthy seemed impossible to attain. I spent the next two years depressed, lazy, and mad at the world. Eddy still managed to keep in touch in that time always telling me to come in... till one day I finally went in. With no intention to return to sports, Eddy convinced me to give his program a fair chance. He told me I’d get a little bigger and a little stronger.. well, what he didn’t tell me is that I would gain 30+ pounds and hit 92 mph.. So today I am 23 years old with 2 shoulder surgeries, attending Lynn University on a baseball scholarship and “the dream” is back. Eddy brought me back mentally and physically, and I know now I’ve been blessed to have him in my life."


Gavin Barnell

"The best strength and conditioning coaches around.....helped me recover from 2 torn ACLS and made me a bigger,faster,and stronger athlete"


"Working out at MST with Eddie is awesome! I started training with Eddie in High school, through college and Major League and the numbers don’t lie. I’ve improved my speed, acceleration, and strength. Eddie does a great job catering to the athletes, not only with sport specific workouts, but with a versatile schedule. He puts his heart and soul into making me better every day, and for that, I thank him! You are the man!"



"My name is Jake Miednik, I currently play in the Cleveland Indians organization. I have been coming to MST for years now since high school. The amount of attention to detail put in day in and day out is amazing. Not only is there video for each rep and set, the trainers break it down for you as well if needed to help maximize the training effect needed. I am personally greatful to workout at MST everyday and what I have gained from being here. It has carried over to the field for me 100% and more to come! Best place to train at for sure."